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Sunny my cat update

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Starshine ,

First of all , do not feel like a failure. The love you have given to Sunny is what is important. You didn't fail in anything . You did your best . The cat doctor made the mistake , not you. Rosie sounds really sweet . I need to know her better. 


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Late bloomer

I have just read about Sunny dear, and pray all goes well for you, am not surprised he is dehydrated after he has been through. You need to be strong for him dear, dont skip your meals, my thoughts are with you.

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 in response to soulight...   

Thank you soulight. I hope so will see. I know I petted him and held his head up talking to him feeling like failure that I didn't protect him more. How can these dr's screw up!! Rosie sent an email and said which I thought was so sweet.

Oh, I am sooo sorry to hear that Sunny is sick!!  If it is his time to go, I know he will look back on a lifetime of love!

xox Rosie

And Sunny has gotten love and when he is bad scolded but not beaten. He loves whiskas treats..I hope he gets better soon. 

Take care..

hugs and love 


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I am so sorry that Sunny ( and you ) are going through so much . I'm glad someone else is picking up the bill. My cat Figaro had similar problems. They wanted me to give him an IV at home and I couldn't do it. He was so sweet . He meowed to me as if to say"What are you doing , Mom ? " But he didn't growl or try to bite me. I ended up taking him to the vet everyday for the IV .


I am still keeping Sunny and you in my prayers.


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